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To Buy Beef

How to purchase our beef...

1. We sell whole beef or half beef only; you can partner with friends or family to purchase whole if you like. This way you get all of the best cuts as well as all the roasts, hamburger, and stew meats. You can instruct the processor to cut to your order.

2. We will charge a fee for our beef; it is $ 3.10, per. Lb. it is sold by Hanging Weight at time of packaging. Then you will pay the processor their fee when you pick up your beef. They charge a fee for the process that is $ 20.00 per half or $ 40.00 per whole beef + 0.47 cents per lb. packaging of a whole beef or .0.49 cents per lb. for a half beef.

(Please note these prices may change due to market conditions or factors beyond our control)

3. We use a local company Monon Meat Packing, in Monon Indiana. Their contact information is listed below. They are an Indiana State inspected processor with an inspector on site. So you can be assured of the quality of your farm grown beef.
Monon Meat Packing 1-219-253-6363.

4. Our beef animals will produce 55% to 60% of packaged meat per lb of live weight. So a 500 lb steer will provide 275 to 300 lbs. of packaged meat.

5. We also sell all natural, no chemical hay.

6. You can contact us by phone at 574-583-8669 or e-mail at honeycreekdexters.com. We will deliver your animal to the processor you are welcome to come to our family friendly ranch and pick your own animal or with your guidance we will pick one for you. We will deliver it to the processor for free. We suggest that you let the beef hang for at least 7 days, 14 if you can. The inspector has full discretion after 7 days -- this is for your protection and is the law. You must pay for the beef before delivery. We accept personal checks or cash only.

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