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Our Philosophy

Here at Honey Creek Dexters we specialize in all natural, grass fed, free range beef; with no added drugs or hormones. All of our cattle are born and raised here on our ranch from a closed herd, and eat only our own, raised on our property mixtures of forages, A mix of alfalfa and cool and warm season grasses. And fresh clean water from our own 150 ft deep well. This forage is then put up as hay for winter feeding.

We do this so that we may control the total intake and environment of our animals. Our herd is virtually disease free. Due to the fact we do not import hundreds or thousands of feeder cattle from several countries or other states like the big feed lot operations. (BSE) from Canada, (hoof and mouth) from Mexico. Never had it, never will, because our cows and bulls (the breeding stock) get the best care money can buy. And with good immunity in the sires and dams they pass that immunity on to their off spring and those off spring are the cattle we sell for beef.

A question we are often asked is how does your beef taste? Usually followed by compared to enter your favorite breed here; We then explain that there is no comparison between our all natural grass fed beef and the antibiotic forced, hormone forced, mixture of chemicals and grains that are fed at a feed lot cow. The truth is, the only reason anyone would think that the other stuff is better than ours is because they have never had real beef from a real farm. Another truth is the only reason the commercial breeds are said to be best tasting is because that is the breed the commercial feed lot can buy in bulk (again shipping in from several countries and many states necessitating lots of antibiotics to avoid the spreading of lots of diseases) and force fed to slaughter weight in the shortest period of time. Hence the cheapest to feed and ship out to factory packing houses. That and they have a real good P.R. campaign. Soon another mixture of breeds will come along that will grow from birth to slaughter weight in an even shorter period of time then it will be the best tasting. Less time on feed= less money per animal= more profit for mass producers.

Now lets talk about the flavor of our beef. We did a lot of research on beef before we chose the Dexter as our breed. We talked to cattlemen and to other ranchers. We talked to nutritionist and to veterinarians. Then we talked to the most important persons, the folks shopping at the meat counters of the local grocery stores in our state. Over 100 of them. When asked what they were looking for in a good cut of beef most said great flavor and lean beef. They did not want to pay $5.00, $6.00, or $7.00 dollars per pound or more for fatty bland beef. And a large number said they were looking for beef that was healthy to eat. So when we started looking we narrowed our choices down to a few breeds that had those qualities. Then we looked at what we could do to make them stand out. What we came up with was the Dexter on grass forage. We found a breeder and asked to buy some beef, he sold us a few steaks they were 1 inch cut rib-eye, took it home put it on the BBQ. A little salt and pepper, done to medium well. And we knew we had found what we were looking for as far as taste.

Now what about the healthy part. We knew from our research that Dexter beef is high in omega 3 fatty acids (the good ones) and low in the omega 6 acids (the bad ones). So it is better for our heart. We also know that beef is better than fat and our cattle give us just that. Dexter cattle are smaller than commercial breeds so the joints are smaller more family friendly not so much left over that can go to waste. More proportional to a family meal. A half of beef will fit in a freezer with lots of space left for other things. We know we have the right combination. If you think you would like to try real beef the way it was meant to be please contact us and well help with your arrangements.

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