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Honey Creek Dexters - Monticello, Indiana
Our Herd Sire, Phoenix

Welcome to Honey Creek Dexters, home of all natural grass fed beef cattle. We specialize in home grown beef, from our closed herd all born and raised here on our farm -- no chemicals, no hormones -- just our own forages of alfalfa and grasses.

Please look around our web site and learn about our all-natural Honey Creek Dexters and if you have any questions or would like to place an order call us on the phone or send us an e-mail!

Honey Creek Dexters is a member of American Dexter Cattle Association

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    Jim and Rhonda,
    We just wanted to tell you how much fun the kids have watching and petting the baby cows. They really are a joy and so gentle we had no idea they would be this unique. Hope you come and see the babies when they have grown up a little. (My husband has spoiled them so much I think they have gained 100 pounds sense we got them). Thanks again for enlightening us about Dexters.
    Barb and Pat Kromkowski.

    Honey Creek Dexters,
    We picked up our beef in the little town you sent us to last weekend. We didnt think there were any real Mom and Pop butcher shops any more. That place was amazing. We just tonight had our first steaks, T-Bones done medium well WOW, where have you been hiding this stuff. I told my wife I want it again tomorrow. Please keep us another « for about 6 months from now. It is without a doubt the best steak I have ever had.
    Kris and Maryann Hickner

    Hey Jim,
    Just a short note to let you know that bull is doing fine. We put him in a paddock for 3 days after the trailer ride and fed him hay let him get nose to nose with the girls through the fence he was settled down in about an hour or so, he didnt even seem to care about 5 hours in traffic hes a very calm animal for a bull.
    Well we turned him out on Wednesday and he went right to work. I think a few cows are cycling now and the rest should come on this month. Ill let you know how the calves turn out.
    Larry Stayton

    I thought Id let you know you were right I put that bull on my heifers and didnt have to pull a single calf. That is the first time in 14 years I didnt have to pull at least 2 or 3. Birth weights were about 70 lbs. Most calved without me even knowing. He covered 19 out of 20 heifers and thats a better rate than I got last year with that high dollar angus and I didnt lose any cows in the process. I lost 2 last year. Im going to keep him he sure dont eat as much as one of my bulls and I dont have to worry about going to the hospital every time I have to do the vet work.
    Orville Yeary

    Dear Honey Creek Dexters,
    We wanted you kind folks to know that we just took our first steer in to be packaged. We took our time and the cow and bull did all of the work. We milked a gallon a day from the cow and she still gave us a nice steer, do you think you will have another cow for sale this year? How long will this bull be OK? If you have another cow for sale we would sure like to have her.
    Sherry Wilson


Honey Creek Dexters
2680 N 300 E
Monticello, IN 47960
Map of (HCD address)
Monticello, IN 47923

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